Baimo light luxury brand fashion new mulberry silk casual top silk printing slim fit t-shirt female short sleeve

Color, size, apricot pink, white, purple, l, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL,,

It's light and elegant, and the workmanship is very good. I don't like it. It's a little better than a big brand. I'm not satisfied with it. It's for Xiao San. My wife doesn't know. Appearance appearance value: good looking material feel: comfortable capacity space: good workmanship details: very good application occasion: other features at work: not heavy on goods, very good appearance value: appearance appearance value is very good. It's a gift for the elders. The elders like it very much. Material feel: it feels good, almost the same as that of leather. Capacity space: it can hold a lot of things, tablet computers can be installed, and the capacity is large enough for women to use. Workmanship details: it is exquisite and cost-effective. Applicable occasions: you can carry it or carry it on your back. You can take other features when you go out to work and play: the price is very affordable and good. Appearance and appearance: good material and feel: capacity and space: enough work details: No, applicable occasions: other characteristics of the head: having a face when giving gifts

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