Kedi silicone mask support 3D three-dimensional anti muggy artifact breathable makeup protection child inner support support

Color, size, 3 sets of transparent color, 5 sets of transparent color, 10 sets of transparent color, 5 sets of children's white, 10 sets of children's white, 3 sets of white, 5 sets of white, 10 sets of white, 3 sets of black, 5 sets of black, 10 sets of black, 3 sets of blue, 5 sets of blue, 10 sets of blue, 3 sets of green, 5 sets of green, 10 sets of green, 3 sets of pink, 5 sets of pink, 10 sets of pink, 3 sets of rose, 5 sets of rose, 10 sets of rose, A large number of random colors,,,

Very value-added bedsheets, very beautiful, children like them very much, the quality is also very good, and the color is very resistant to dirt. The size of the bed is appropriate, very value-added, a few affordable, logistics is fast, continue to support self-operation, trustworthy, second purchase, good quality! Will continue to pay attention! Recommended it to colleagues, and colleagues said it was really good! The quality is very good! Good value for money bedsheets. They feel comfortable. I like them very much. give the thumbs-up. Logistics is fast,? The product was received soon, better than expected, good! I hope it can be durable, a very trustworthy brand, with guaranteed quality and price close to the people. I am quite satisfied with the comfort level: good material characteristics: pure cotton taste: no taste. This is the third time I bought it. It is a very good bedsheet with five-star praise!

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Mask anti stuffy artifact mouth and nose makeup washable bracket inner support soft, breathable and non stuffy white light blue new product