‼ [new product] wear mask in winter to prevent stuffy, inner support artifact, breathable makeup 3D three-dimensional support, mouth and nose separation support frame to prevent strangulation

Color, size, 5 pieces in blue (for adults, 5 pieces in blue (for adults, 10 pieces in blue) (for adults, 10 pieces in blue) (for children, 10 pieces in white (for children, 10 pieces in white) (children's, pink 10 Pack (children's, blue 5 Pack) (children's, blue 10 Pack (children's,,,

I bought it for my girlfriend on Tanabata. My girlfriend likes it very much. It's high quality and low price. I especially like it. The color is very beautiful, very generous and simple style design, and the bag capacity is enough for daily work and travel. The corner is broken in less than half a month? The bag is good. The back is very beautiful in summer. The female ticket is also OK, so the real bag is highly praised by five stars. But, this is my Tanabata gift. I bought gift boxes and greeting cards. First of all, the gift box is a Christmas gift box. It's written on the Internet. I gave Christmas gifts six months in advance. I have to buy one on Tanabata. Besides the greeting card, the words of the female ticket are a little crooked. Ask the female ticket to take photos to see the effect. She didn't take photos. It should be just ordinary. Since the gift box service is provided, I still hope the merchant can improve the quality of the gift box and card. The baby is very small. There is a sandwich inside. You can put all kinds of cards directly, which is equivalent to a large wallet. There is no logo on the outer surface, which I prefer. The hardware is of good quality, golden and smooth buttons. It looks very small. In fact, it can be installed. It basically meets the needs of daily going out. The strap metal chain is a little heavy. On another platform, there are less than 51 imitations, and the workmanship is not comparable at all. White doesn't bear dirt. I hope it will last longer. In addition, a canvas bag is also given away, and the quality of the gifts is also good. Self operated express is first-class. I can't wait to open the package as soon as it arrives. The quality is very good, the color is just the size, and I like it very much

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