SIN. CYC Hong Kong Light luxury fashion brand women's shirt dress medium long long sleeve spring and autumn 2022 new fashion noble temperament close waist thin skirt

Color, size, pink, apricot, carmine, green, khaki, black, m (within 105 kg), l (105-115 kg), XL (115-125 kg), 2XL (125-140 kg), 3XL (140-160 kg), 4XL (160-180 kg),,

There are wool and mulberry silk in the sheep boss cotton pants. It's cold this winter. I bought three at a time. The children and the elderly have them. The clothes are OK and a little elastic, but the fabric feels a little thin and thick as a whole. Yang eldest brother's cotton trousers are very good, thick and soft. They are very comfortable to wear. They are very suitable for Northeast winter. There are many sizes and types, which are suitable for people of all heights and weights. The design is very humanized. The price of Double Twelve is also very favorable. It's very suitable to wear. I bought cotton pants of this brand last year. It's very good after wearing them all winter. The price is small and expensive, but the quality is really good. I also want to buy a thinner one, but I don't have one. The activity price is OK.

Icain high-end fashion brand T-shirt women's summer 2022 new high-end brand flower letter embroidery temperament is thin short sleeve polo collar top new women's fashion C3